Tekslider a touch focused slider


A touch focused slider. With acceleration and easily configurable. Now it is in alpha phase and any feedback will be welcome.

A little demo and another demo.

A basic call


And using Modernizr for touch event detection


The options of the plugin:

  • touch : if false it use click events for move. If true use touch events for move.
  • animation : if true make and animation after touch simulating an desacceleration, if false only moves with touch.
  • accelerator : options for the accelerator component
    • accel : pixels / second2 of acceleration
    • maxvel : max speed allowed for the animation
    • theshold : minimum speed needed to start and animation
    • stoptheshold : if the speed is under this value the animation will stop.
    • time : milliseconds for the timer. If 15, the animation will be executed every 15 milliseconds.

You can download the plugin from the Github repo.

Comment 1 for Nazmul Hasan Nero

Nice plugins, but mouse event is not easily understandable for an user.
User will be confused, how that slide will run.
Comments posted 31/01/2013 10:27:54
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