The quality of javascript resources

When you do a search  javascript related terms in general the first google results page gives  poor quality results. In fact one of the major problems of javascript is the poor quality of many of the resources (web, books ...) (Douglas Crockford). What is not happening for example in the php documentation on its website is reliable and there are many high quality publications.

In Jsconf have launched an initiative (Promotejs) to promote Mozilla Developer Network website as reference documentation of JavaScript. And for days I wanted to do a post on some resources that I find interesting in the world of javascript and was planning to put the Mozilla Developer Network, so we took the chance.


Mozilla developer network: Mozilla Foundation Web programming resources.

Scriptjunkie: Blog of Microsoft web development.

Net tuts: web development tutorials.

Yahoo developer network: yahoo web information and tools for programmers.

jQuery: JavaScript Library, a great resource.


Jslint: A tool for checking the quality of JavaScript code, the instructions warn that it may hurt the feelings of users.

Clousure compiler: Tool google for "compile" the Javascript code and reduce weight.

JavaScript JS Documentation: JS Array length, JavaScript Array length, JS Array .length, JavaScript Array .length

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